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  • DOI:10.1039/b915428k

Influence of cyclic polyamines on silica formation during the Stöber process.

  title={Influence of cyclic polyamines on silica formation during the St{\"o}ber process.},
  author={Sylvie Mass{\'e} and Guillaume Laurent and Thibaud Coradin},
  journal={Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP},
  volume={11 43},
The interactions of cyclic polyamines with tetraethoxysilane in the conditions of the Stöber synthesis of silica nanoparticles were studied and compared to the behavior of a linear polyamine. Granular core-plain shell hybrid particles were obtained whose morphology and size vary with the nature and amount of added ligand. The influence of polyamines on silica condensation could be understood on the basis of a SN(2) reaction involving a pentacoordinated Si complex and depends on the… CONTINUE READING