Influence of corruption on economic growth rate and foreign investment

  title={Influence of corruption on economic growth rate and foreign investment},
  author={Boris Podobnik and Jia Shao and Djuro Njavro and Plamen Ch. Ivanov and Harry Eugene Stanley},
  journal={The European Physical Journal B},
We analyze the dependence of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita growth rates on changes in the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI). For the period 1999–2004 for all countries in the world, we find on average that an increase of CPI by one unit leads to an increase of the annual GDP per capita growth rate by 1.7%. By regressing only the European countries with transition economies, we find that an increase of CPI by one unit generates an increase of the annual GDP per capita growth rate… 

Growth Versus Government Management Improvement During Economic Downturn

This work study how growth depends on the proportion of public-sector workforce, p and competitiveness, quantified by the Global Competitiveness Index, GCI, finds that the growth rate of GDP per capita, g, decreases with p, and increases with ΔGCI.

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The goal of economic development is economic growth nor foreign direct investment, but this increase must be supported by improving the quality of people, the population, and reducing the level of

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Today, more and more authors are involved in researching the economic phenomenon of corruption and its impact on many macroeconomic indicators. Nevertheless, transitional surroundings have offered a

The competitiveness versus the wealth of a country

For all European and EU countries during the 2008–2011 economic downturn, it is found that the drop in gdp in more competitve countries relative to gdp was substantially smaller than in relatively less competitive countries, which is valuable information for policymakers.

Corruption Perception Index (CPI), as an Index of Economic Growth for European Countries

Corruption is a political, economic, cultural and moral problem and it is considered as a universal phenomenon that exists in all developed and developing countries, in public and private sectors, as

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This research study summarises the effects of corruption in Brazil and its effects on the economic growth of the country, both on the governmental and corporate level. By making use of the

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In an international setting of developing countries, applying advanced statistical estimation approaches such as the system generalized method of moments (GMM), two-stage least square (2SLS)


This study examined impact of macroeconomic instability and corruption on economic performance in developing countries. For this purpose, long-term relationship between 1995-2019 was examined using

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Abstract The study aimed to analyze the impact of corruption on economic growth, for a sample of 131 countries, during the year 2018. Three indicators of corruption were used. The economic growth



Quantitative relations between corruption and economic factors

Abstract.We report quantitative relations between corruption level and economic factors, such as country wealth and foreign investment per capita, which are characterized by a power law spanning

How Taxing is Corruption on International Investors?

  • S. Wei
  • Economics
    Review of Economics and Statistics
  • 2000
This paper studies the effect of corruption on foreign direct investment. The sample covers bilateral investment from twelve source countries to 45 host countries. There are two central findings.

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This paper analyzes a newly assembled data set consisting of subjective indices of corruption, the amount of red tape, the efficiency of the judicial system, and various categories of political

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This paper will discuss eight frequently asked questions about public corruption: (1) What is corruption? (2) Which countries are the most corrupt? (3) What are the common characteristics of

Corruption in Empirical Research-A Review

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Eur. Phys. J

  • Eur. Phys. J
  • 2007

GDP per capita as current prices in US dollars are provided by the International Monetary Fund