Influence of colostrum intake on piglet survival and immunity.

  title={Influence of colostrum intake on piglet survival and immunity.},
  author={Nicolas Devillers and Jean Le Dividich and Armelle Prunier},
  journal={Animal : an international journal of animal bioscience},
  volume={5 10},
Colostrum intake from birth to 24 h after the onset of parturition (T24) was estimated for 526 piglets from 40 litters. Plasma concentrations of immunoglobulin G (IgG), lactate, glucose and cortisol were determined at T24 for six piglets per litter. Plasma IgG concentration was also assayed at weaning (28 days) on the same piglets. Rectal temperature was measured at T24 on all piglets. Mortality was recorded until weaning and comparisons were made between piglets that died before weaning and… CONTINUE READING