Influence of chronic hypoxia and radiation quality on cell survival

  title={Influence of chronic hypoxia and radiation quality on cell survival},
  author={Nianhan Ma and Walter Tinganelli and Andreas Maier and Marco Durante and Wilma Kraft-Weyrather},
  booktitle={Journal of radiation research},
To investigate the influence of chronic hypoxia and anoxia on cell survival after low- and high-LET radiation, CHO-K1 cells were kept for 24 h under chronic hypoxia (94.5% N2; 5% CO2; 0.5% O2) or chronic anoxia (95% N2; 5% CO2). Irradiation was performed using 250 kVp X-rays or carbon ions with a dose average LET of 100 keV/μm either directly under the chronic oxygenation states, or at different time points after reoxygenation. Moreover, the cell cycle distribution for cells irradiated under… CONTINUE READING
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