Influence of brain tumors on the MR spectra of healthy brain tissue.

  title={Influence of brain tumors on the MR spectra of healthy brain tissue.},
  author={Martin H. J. Busch and K Liebenrodt and Sebastian Gottfried and Elisabeth Weiland and Wolfgang Vollmann and Serban Mateiescu and Stefan Winter and Sylvia Lange and H{\"u}seyin Sahinbas and J. Baier and Pim T. van Leeuwen and Dietrich H.W. Gr{\"o}nemeyer},
  journal={Magnetic resonance in medicine},
  volume={65 1},
The neurochemical environment of nontumorous white matter tissue was investigated in 135 single voxel spectra of "healthy" white matter regions of 43 tumor patients and 129 spectra of 52 healthy subjects. Spectra were acquired with short TE and TR values. With the data of tumor patients, it was examined whether differences were caused by the tumor itself or aggressive tumor therapies as confounding factors. Comparing the spectra of both classes, an excellent differentiation was possible based… CONTINUE READING


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