Influence of androgens on gene expression in the BALB/c mouse submandibular gland.


Androgens have profound effects on the murine submandibular gland. Our objective was to determine the nature and extent of androgen control of gene expression in the submandibular gland, and to explore the degree to which this might account for known sex differences. Orchiectomized male BALB/c mice were treated with placebo- or testosterone-containing hormone pellets for 14 days. Glands were collected, and total RNA was isolated. Samples were analyzed for differentially expressed mRNAs by CodeLink microarrays, and the data were evaluated with GeneSifter. Androgens significantly (p < 0.05) influenced the expression of over 1300 genes, and many (n = 366) of the genes differentially regulated by androgen treatment were also differentially expressed in males compared with the females in our previous study. These findings support our hypotheses that testosterone extensively influences gene expression in the male submandibular gland, and that many of the sex differences are due to androgens.


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