Influence of age on the endocrine-metabolic response to surgery.

  title={Influence of age on the endocrine-metabolic response to surgery.},
  author={M. Blichert-toft and Vasthi Christensen and Allan Engquist and F Fog-M{\o}ller and H Enrik Kehlet and S. Nistrup Madsen and L. Skovsted and J. Thode and Klaus O̸lgaard},
  journal={Annals of surgery},
  volume={190 6},
The pathogenesis of the increased operative risk in elderly patients is unknown. From a theoretical point of view, a change in endocrine-metabolic response might be involved. In the present study, a battery of hormonal and metabolic variables were measured in eight young and eight elderly healthy males undergoing elective inguinal hernial repair under general anesthesia. Blood was drawn before induction of anesthesia, at skin incision, and one, two, and six hours after skin incision. The… CONTINUE READING