Influence of age on postural sway during different dual-task conditions

  title={Influence of age on postural sway during different dual-task conditions},
  author={Marco Bergamin and Stefano Gobbo and Tobia Zanotto and John Christopher Sieverdes and Cristine Lima Alberton and Marco Zaccaria and Andrea Ermolao},
  booktitle={Front. Aging Neurosci.},
Dual-task performance assessments of competing parallel tasks and postural outcomes are growing in importance for geriatricians, as it is associated with predicting fall risk in older adults. This study aims to evaluate the postural stability during different dual-task conditions including visual (SMBT), verbal (CBAT) and cognitive (MAT) tasks in comparison with the standard Romberg's open eyes position (OE). Furthermore, these conditions were investigated in a sample of young adults and a… CONTINUE READING