Influence of age and hormone replacement therapy on the functional properties of the lips.


AIMS To investigate the influence of age and hormonal status on some functional properties of the lips of women. METHODS Lips properties were measured and compared through four groups of women (young with normal menses, aged with normal menses, aged and menopaused, aged, menopaused receiving hormonal replacement therapy). The following parameters were recorded: sebum excretion rate on the forehead. On the lower lip: TEWL, mechanical damping, color, tactile acuity. Moreover, capacitance images of each lips were recorded and the mean capacitance measured. RESULTS Changes in TEWL, mechanical damping and tactile acuity appear clearly linked to age while the increase in lip darkness could be due to hormones. Sebum excretion rate is also clearly linked to hormonal status. Surprisingly, no changes of lips capacitance were detected vs. age or hormonal status. This study confirms that upper lip is more hydrated than the lower one. CONCLUSION Most of the parameters measured on the lips have similar variations than the same parameters measured on the skin. Only sebum and color appear being dependant on the hormonal status.

DOI: 10.1111/j.1600-0846.2007.00283.x


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