Influence of age and gender on radiomorphometric indices of the mandible in removable denture wearers.


The objective of this study was to measure and assess a number of radiomorphometric indices of the mandibular removable denture wearers taking into account age and gender. In a total of 136 dental panoramic radiographs (DPR) the following parameters were evaluated: MI = thickness of the mandibular cortex below the mental foramen, AI = thickness at the antegonion and GI = thickness at gonion; PMI = MI/distance between the low border of the mandible and the low border of the mental foramen, and MCI = mandibular cortical index, based on the assessment of the 3 categories of cortical appearance due to the resorptive changes. There were 40 male patients (mean age 72.7; range 56 to 84 years) and 96 female patients (mean age 69.7; range 48 to 86 years). Patients were grouped according to age into three age groups (1 = less than 65 years; 2 = 65-75 years; 3 = more than 75 years). The results revealed that MI, PMI, AI and GI showed a general downward trend with age for the both sexes until 75 years of age when the mean values of GI, AI and MI begun to fall down sharply for females compared to males. The difference was significant between age groups and gender for GI and AI. Only two categories (C2 and C3) of MCI have been recognized in our study sample, due to the relatively old age groups of patients with removable dentures. However, significantly higher incidence of C3 existed in the oldest group of females.

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