Influence of a high-fibre food (myco-protein) on appetite: effects on satiation (within meals) and satiety (following meals).


The effect of meals containing Quorn myco-protein or chicken upon satiety and satiation were investigated in 18 lean, healthy male and female subjects using a within-subjects design. Both meals were designed to be similar in every respect with the exception of dietary fibre content (11 vs 3 g). Following consumption of a lunch containing Quorn myco-protein (high fibre) subsequent energy intake at an evening ad libitum test meal was reduced by 18% (P < 0.001) when compared with the response to an isocaloric chicken-containing (low-fibre) lunch. Using the Universal Eating Monitor (a device which weighs continuously the portion of food being consumed) the within-meal effects of a lunch containing Quorn or chicken were investigated. This study showed that during consumption, Quorn elicited similar eating behaviour when compared to a chicken meal. Amount selected, overall eating rate and the decrease in motivation to eat did not differ between the Quorn and control conditions. These two studies show that Quorn (high-protein, dietary fibre combination) has a strong impact on late satiety, but is similar in its effects during and immediately after consumption. These data have clear implications for the use of Quorn myco-protein for the control of appetite and body weight.

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