Influence of Vitamin C on Lymphocytes: An Overview

  title={Influence of Vitamin C on Lymphocytes: An Overview},
  author={Gwendolyn N Y van Gorkom and Roel G.J. Klein Wolterink and Catharina H M J Van Elssen and Lotte Wieten and Wilfred T. V. Germeraad and Gerard Bos},
Vitamin C or ascorbic acid (AA) is implicated in many biological processes and has been proposed as a supplement for various conditions, including cancer. In this review, we discuss the effects of AA on the development and function of lymphocytes. This is important in the light of cancer treatment, as the immune system needs to regenerate following chemotherapy or stem cell transplantation, while cancer patients are often AA-deficient. We focus on lymphocytes, as these white blood cells are the… CONTINUE READING