Influence of Vitamin C administered after radiation.


Postradjatjon administration of vitamin C was evaluated for its possible effects on reducing Or reversing the effects of radiation. Stomach, duodenum, testes and bone marrow of male guinea pigs were examined for the effects of radiation e.g. degeneration, necrosis and cellularity. There was no significant difference in the effects of radiation between animals that received vitamin C and those that did not. The study, therefore, showed that vitamin C when given after exposure has no influence on the effects of radiation (JPMA 37: 70 ,1987).

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@article{Raziq1987InfluenceOV, title={Influence of Vitamin C administered after radiation.}, author={F Raziq and Naeem Aon Jafarey}, journal={JPMA. The Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association}, year={1987}, volume={37 3}, pages={70-2} }