Influence of Temperature on the Raman Effect.

  title={Influence of Temperature on the Raman Effect.},
  author={Kariamanikkam Srinivasa Krishnan},
As has been emphasised by Prof. Pringsheim in his recent admirable report on the Raman effect (Die Naturwissenschaften, Aug. 3, 1928), there is a far-reaching and fundamental analogy between the behaviour of electrons and of light quanta during their collisions with material particles. The new lines appearing in the spectrum of the scattered light are the result of inelastic collisions or of super-elastic collisions of the light quanta with the molecules of the medium, according as the shift of… 
The Raman Effect.
IT is now just two years since the effect known by his name was discovered by Sir Chandrasakara Raman,1 but the phenomenon has aroused so much interest that even in this short time a tremendous
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