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Influence of Temperature on the Bleaching Efficacy of Hydrogen Peroxide

  title={Influence of Temperature on the Bleaching Efficacy of Hydrogen Peroxide},
  author={Sarina Maciel Braga Pereira and Monique Martins Maia Godoy and Alessandra B{\"u}hler Borges and C{\'e}sar Rog{\'e}rio Pucci and Carlos Rocha Gomes Torres},
Aim: The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of temperature on the bleaching efficacy of hydrogen peroxide on chromogenic solutions from wine and tobacco. Methods: Inside optical glass cuvette, equal amounts of chromogenic solution (wine or tobacco), hydrogen peroxide 60% and ultra-pure water were mixed. Initial color readings were performed with a reflectance spectrophotometer immediately after mixing. Samples of the solutions were subjected to predetermined temperatures (5, 10, 15… 

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