Influence of Sex and Estrogen on Musculotendinous Protein Turnover at Rest and After Exercise

  title={Influence of Sex and Estrogen on Musculotendinous Protein Turnover at Rest and After Exercise},
  author={M. Hansen and M. Kjaer},
  journal={Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews},
  • M. Hansen, M. Kjaer
  • Published 2014
  • Medicine
  • Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews
  • Women differ from men with regard to muscle and tendon, most likely because of sex differences in estrogen. The present experimental findings suggest the hypothesis that estrogen has an anabolic effect on muscle primarily by lowering the protein turnover and enhancing sensitivity to resistance training. Furthermore, estrogen may reduce the stiffness of tendons, an effect that may be modified by physical training. 
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