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Influence of Scope Creep on Project Success : A Comparative Study between Conventional Approach Verses Agile Approach

  title={Influence of Scope Creep on Project Success : A Comparative Study between Conventional Approach Verses Agile Approach},
  author={R. Suma and K. Lakshmi Madhuri},
Software systems are ubiquitous in every emerging application. Software Engineering aims at delivering high quality software in order to sustain total customer satisfaction. This is achievable by developing the software within stipulated resources and constraints such as time, cost etc. Hence, project manager equipped with advanced project management skills plays a vital role during software development process to achieve project success. This paper presents a case study of three leading… 

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Investigation analysis indicates that the impact of scope creep on critical applications is quite noticeable than upon the other and knowledge works enable one to formulate effective scope creep management strategy in both the domains and more specifically in critical applications.

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Three of the major constraints on projects are scope (size), cost (money) and time (schedule). While the Earned Value Management (EVM) and Earned Schedule (ES) techniques manage the cost and time



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