Influence of Rotor Geometry of an IPM Motor on Sensorless Control Feasibility

  title={Influence of Rotor Geometry of an IPM Motor on Sensorless Control Feasibility},
  author={N. Bianchi and S. Bolognani},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications},
  • N. Bianchi, S. Bolognani
  • Published 2007
  • Engineering
  • IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications
  • The sensorless control technique based on the superimposition of a high-frequency stator voltage is commonly used to detect the rotor position of a synchronous interior-permanent-magnet (IPM) motor. This technique is effective at zero and low motor speed, where back electromotive force is null or extremely low. Then, the accuracy of the rotor-position detection depends strictly on the rotor saliency, that is, on the geometry of the IPM rotor. This paper aims to determine some IPM rotor-design… CONTINUE READING
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