Influence of Phenytoin and phenobarbital on the disposition of a single oral dose of clonazepam

  title={Influence of Phenytoin and phenobarbital on the disposition of a single oral dose of clonazepam},
  author={K. Khoo and J. Mendels and M. Rothbart and W. Garland and W. Colburn and B. H. Min and R. Lucek and J. Carbone and H. Boxenbaum and S. Kaplan},
  journal={Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics},
Clonazepam (CZP) was measured in the plasma of eight subjects for 48 hr after a 0.03‐mg/kg oral dose. After pretreatment for 19 days with phenytoin (DPH, 4.3 mg/kg/day), plasma CZP concentrations were determined in the same subjects after another 0.03‐mg/kg oral dose of CZP. The same protocol was followed in eight additional subjects using phenobarbital (PB, 1.4 mg/kg/day) instead of DPH. DPH pretreatment lowered mean plasma CZP concentration in 8 of the 12 time points. DPH pretreatment… Expand
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