Influence of Names on Career Choices in Medicine

  title={Influence of Names on Career Choices in Medicine},
  author={ERNEST L. Abel},
  pages={65 - 74}
  • E. Abel
  • Published 1 June 2010
  • Medicine
  • Names
Abstract Three studies showed that medical doctors and lawyers were disproportionately more likely to have surnames that resembled their professions. A fourth study showed that, for doctors, this influence extended to the type of medicine they practiced. Study 1 found that people with the surname "Doctor" were more likely to be doctors than lawyers, whereas those with the surname "Lawyer" were more likely to be lawyers. Studies 2 and 3 broadened this finding by comparing doctors and lawyers… 
Nomen Est Omen: Medical and Pharmaceutical Occupations in Slovenian Family Names.
  • M. Ramšak
  • History, Medicine
    Acta medico-historica adriatica : AMHA
  • 2020
The heritage of Slovenian house names and surnames reflects, among others, the former medicine and pharmaceutical occupations, midwifery, and folk medicine practices, and besides that, also health
What's in a name? Nominative determinism in the UK dental workforce
Dentistry may provide a surprising counter-example to prevailing theories of nominative determinism, as UK dentists are significantly less likely than the UK general population to have dentally-related surnames.
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The surprising potency of implicit egotism: A reply to Simonsohn.
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Data to Die For
  • B. Pelham
  • Psychology
    Measurement in Social Psychology
  • 2018


What's in a name: mortality and the power of symbols.
Findings cannot be explained by the effects of death cohort artifacts, gender, race, year of death, socioeconomic status, or parental neglect, as nearly all disease categories display an increase in longevity for the positive group and a decrease for the negative group.
Influence of controllable lifestyle on recent trends in specialty choice by US medical students.
Perception of controllable lifestyle accounts for most of the variability in recent changing patterns in the specialty choices of graduating US medical students.
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Because most people possess positive associations about themselves, most people prefer things that are connected to the self, which stands in sharp contrast to many models of rational choice and attests to the importance of understanding implicit beliefs.
Testing the Generality of the Name Letter Effect: Name Initials and Everyday Attitudes
Investigation of whether people possess favorable attitudes toward basic attitude objects beginning with name initials found no object preference as a function of matching name initials, but a clear preference for brand names starting with one’s name initials emerged.
Moniker Maladies
Findings provide striking evidence that unconsciously desiring negative name-resembling performance outcomes can insidiously undermine the more conscious pursuit of positive outcomes.
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