Influence of Moieties and Chain Length on the Abundance of Orthogonal and Tilted Phases of Linear Hydrogen-Bonded Liquid Crystals, Py16BA:nOBAs

  title={Influence of Moieties and Chain Length on the Abundance of Orthogonal and Tilted Phases of Linear Hydrogen-Bonded Liquid Crystals, Py16BA:nOBAs},
  author={Sangeetha G. Bhat and Masuna Srinivasulu and Sriram Ramchandra Girish and Padmalatha and Poornima Bhagavath and S. Mahabaleshwara and D. M. Potukuchi and M. Muniprasad},
  journal={Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals},
  pages={83 - 96}
A novel series of linear hydrogen-bonded (HB) liquid crystalline (LC) complexes (HBLCs), namely Py16BA:noBAs, is reported. The series was prepared by the complexation of a novel non-mesogenic proton acceptor moiety, namely (4-pyridyl)-benzylidene-4′-n-hexadecyl aniline (Py16BA), with a mesogenic proton donor, p-n-alkoxy benzoic acid (noBAs for n = 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 12) moieties. Formation of HB complexes is confirmed through FTIR spectra. The LC phases exhibited by Py16BA:noBAs, the… 
Induction of Liquid Crystalline Phases and Influence of Chain Length of Fatty Acids in Linear Hydrogen-Bonded Liquid Crystal Complexes
A novel series of linear hydrogen-bonded liquid crystals (HBLCs), viz., Py14BA:nFAs synthesized from nonmesogenic moieties, such as an N(p-n-pyridene carboxaldehyde), p-n-tetradecyl aniline, and the
Influence of meta-extended rigid-core, complementary hydrogen bonding and flexible chain on polymorphism in Schiff-base liquid crystals: (4)MeOBD(3)AmBA:nOBAs
ABSTRACT Schiff-base complementary hydrogen-bonded liquid crystals (HBLC), viz., (4)MeOBD(3)AmBA:nOBAs with flexible chain length for n = 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 and 12 are reported. 1H; 13C-NMR and
Self-assembled liquid crystalline materials with fatty acids
Two new series of liquid crystalline materials with non-mesomorphic fatty acids, viz. nonanoic (C9), capric (C10), undecanoic (C11), tridecanoic (C13), myristic (C14), palmitic (C16) and stearic
Study of variation in thermal width of nematic and induced smectic ordering phase of citric acid (CA) and 4-heptyloxybenzoic acid (7OBA) hydrogen bonded liquid crystal complexes
Hydrogen-bonded liquid crystals (HBLCs) have been derived from nonmesogenic citric acid (CA) and mesogenic 4-heptyloxybenzoic acid (7OBA) yielding a highly ordered smectic C (Sm C) phase along with
Novel biphenyl-substituted 1,2,4-oxadiazole ferroelectric liquid crystals: synthesis and characterization
Two novel series of unsymmetrically substituted 1,2,4-oxadiazole compounds are synthesized and characterized and the mesomorphic thermal stabilities of these compounds are discussed in the domain of the symmetry and the flexibility of the alkyloxy end chain length attached to the chiral center.
Mesomorphism in binary mixtures of 4-((hexylimino)methyl)benzoic acid and 4-alkyloxybenzoic acids
A new non-mesogenic Schiff-based carboxylic acid, viz. 4-((hexylimino)methyl)benzoic acid (HIMB), is synthesized and is used to prepare the binary mixtures with mesogenic 4-n-alkyloxybenzoic acids
Relaxation behavior of supra-molecular hydrogen-bonded liquid crystal phase structures: SA:11OBA
ABSTRACT Low-frequency (20 Hz–10 MHz) dielectric response in liquid crystalline (LC) phases of hydrogen-bonded (HB) complex, SA:11OBA, is studied. Synthesis of SA:11OBA with non-mesogenic succinic


Induced crystal G phase through intermolecular hydrogen bonding VII. Influence of non-covalent interactions on mesomorphism and crystallization kinetics
A series of intermolecular hydrogen bonding complexes, 2,2'-bipyridine: p- n-alkoxybenzoic acids (BP : nABA) was isolated from liquid crystalline p-n-alkoxybenzoic acids (nABA) (where n represents
Induced Smectic-G Phase through Intermolecular Hydrogen Bonding Part VIII: Phase and Crystallization Behaviours of 2-(p-n-heptyloxybenzyIidene imino)-5-chIoro-pyridine: p-n-alkoxybenzoic acid (HICP:n ABA) Complexes
Abstract New intermolecular H-bonded liquid crystalline complexes, viz., 2-(p-n-heptyloxybenzylidene imi-no)-5-chloro-pyridine:p-/z-alkoxybenzoic acid; (HICP:nABA) (where n denotes the alkoxy carbon
Phase diagrams of binary mixtures of the non-mesogenic N -(p -methoxy- o -hydroxybenzylidbe ene)- p -aminopyridine with a series of p - n -alkoxybenzoic acids ranging from methoxy to hexadecyloxy
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The synthesis and characterization of five hydrogen-bonded ferroelectric liquid crystal complexes (HBFLCs) prepared from mesogenic p-n-alkoxy benzoic acids and non-mesogenic propionic/butyric acids
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The thermal behaviour of binary mixtures of 1-(4-pyridyloxy)-5-[4-(4-butylphenylazo)phenoxy]pentane (Bu-azo-5-Pyr) and 1-(4-pyridyloxy)-6-[4-(butylphenylazo)phenoxy]hexane (Bu-azo-6-Pyr) with
Self-assembly of discotic mesogens in solution and in liquid crystalline phases: effects of substituent position and hydrogen bonding.
Contrary to expectations, the presence of a carboxylic acid group on the side of the core does not appear to lead to the formation of dimeric structures in the liquid crystalline phase, although the columnar structures appear to be stabilized by intermolecular hydrogen bonding along the columns.
Double Hydrogen Bonded Liquid Crystals: A Study of Light Modulation and Field Induced Transition (FiT)
A novel series of double hydrogen bonded liquid crystals have been isolated. Hydrogen bond was formed between non mesogen ingredient succinic acid and mesogenic p-n alkoxy benzoic acids. Phase
Hydrogen‐bonded block mesogens derived from semiperfluorinated benzoic acids and the non‐mesogenic 1,2‐bis(4‐pyridyl)ethylene
Thermal properties of benzoic acids carrying one or two semiperfluorinated alkoxy tails on the aromatic core have been investigated in binary mixtures with the non‐liquid crystalline bidirectional
Hydrogen‐bonded liquid crystals built from hydrogen‐bonding donors and acceptors Infrared study on the stability of the hydrogen bond between carboxylic acid and pyridyl moieties
Abstract The stability of a hydrogen-bonded complex built through inter-molecular hydrogen bonding between carboxylic acid and pyridine fragments has been examined using infrared spectroscopy.
Synthesis and Characterization of Smectic Polymorphism in Higher Homologues of N-(p-n-Alkoxybenzylidene)-p-n-(Alkylanilines)
Higher homologues of N-(p-n-alkoxybenzylidene)-p-n-alkylanilines (nO.m) compounds with n = 15 and 18 and m = 4 to 10, 12, 14, and 16 have been synthesized and the smectic polymesomorphism is studied.