Influence of Mg and Si on the Oxidation of Aluminum

  title={Influence of Mg and Si on the Oxidation of Aluminum},
  author={Anders Nylund and Kaoru Mizuno and Ingemar Olefjord},
  journal={Oxidation of Metals},
Test materials of pure Al, Al alloyed with 10,50, and 190 ppm Mg, and Al alloyed with 10 ppm Mg + 500ppm Si were oxidized at temperatures ranging from 250 to620°C. The composition and thickness of the oxide film were determined by electronspectroscopy for chemical analysis (ESCA) and Augerspectroscopy. Below the crystallization temperature(400°C) of Al2O3,Mg2+ is enriched in the interior portion of the oxide. The enrichment of Mg2+gives a somewhat thinner oxide compared with the oxideformed on… CONTINUE READING