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Influence of Marketing Mix Against Marketing Performance Through the Orientation of the Batik Small Industry Market in East Java Mega

  title={Influence of Marketing Mix Against Marketing Performance Through the Orientation of the Batik Small Industry Market in East Java Mega},
  author={Darmi Novita},
The aim of the study was to find clarity about the role of market orientation as a mediating variable in the relationship of marketing mix strategy with marketing performance, and the researcher offered a research model. The research approach is quantitative, explanatory. The population of this study is batik business owners in East Java. The study sample was 276 respondents and the sampling method used the census method. The results showed clarity that: marketing mix strategies (product, price… Expand
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Influence of Marketing Mix against Marketing Performance Through the Orientation of the Batik Small Industry Market In East Java
International Journal of Business and Management Invention (IJBMI), Volume 8 Issue 04 Series. I || April 2019 || PP 64-71


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