Influence of Maritime Construction within Protected Archaeological Sites along Coastal Areas: Los Baños De La Reina (Alicante), Spain

  title={Influence of Maritime Construction within Protected Archaeological Sites along Coastal Areas: Los Ba{\~n}os De La Reina (Alicante), Spain},
  author={Luis Aragon{\'e}s and Roberto Tom{\'a}s and Miguel Cano and Emilio Rosillo and Isabel L{\'o}pez},
  journal={Journal of Coastal Research},
  pages={642 - 652}
ABSTRACT Aragonés, L.; Tomás, R.; Cano, M.; Rosillo, E., and López, I., 2017. Influence of maritime construction within protected archaeological sites along coastal areas: Los Baños De La Reina (Alicante), Spain. A multidisciplinary study was made assessing the impact of the construction of a harbour on an existing Roman fish farm, which was excavated in the first century BC and placed in Alicante, on the SE coast of Spain. The effect of the harbour on the wave frequencies and the velocity of… 

The City-Port of Halmyris: An Integrated Geoarchaeological and Environmental Approach to the Last Roman Bastion on the Eastern Flank of the Danubian Limes

Abstract The last Roman City on the eastern side of the Danubian Limes is Halmyris. It is a City-port which plays a primordially military role, situated at the link between the fluvial and the marine

Remediation of Marine Pollution by Microorganisms in the Comprehensive Management of Coastal Zones

ABSTRACT Yan, F. and Wang, Y., 2018. Remediation of marine pollution by microorganisms in the comprehensive management of coastal zones. In: Ashraf, M.A. and Chowdhury, A.J.K. (eds.), Coastal

Thermal Insulation Performance of the Thermal Insulation Material of the Exterior Wall of the Port Building

  • Xiaochen Guo
  • Physics, Engineering
    Journal of Coastal Research
  • 2019
ABSTRACT Guo, X., 2019. Thermal insulation performance of the thermal insulation material of the exterior wall of the port building. In: Guido-Aldana, P.A. and Mulahasan, S. (eds.), Advances in Water



Towards management of coastal erosion problems and human structure impacts using GIS tools: case study in Ragusa Province, Southern Sicily, Italy

A geomorphologic approach, combined with GIS spatial analysis, was used to investigate a 90-km long coastal sector in Southern Sicily, Italy, affected by important erosive processes. Applied

Morphological Impact of the Construction of an Offshore Yangshan Deepwater Harbor in the Port of Shanghai, China

Abstract Yangshan Deepwater Harbor, located in the Qiqu Archipelago adjacent to Hangzhou Bay, is the new deepwater harbor of the Port of Shanghai. Its construction, which began in 2002, entails three

Use of Faunal Indicators for Assessing the Impact of a Port Enlargement near Bilbao (Spain)

In order to assess the effects of the execution of the ‘Port of Bilbao Enlargement Project’, epifauna living on hard substrata and environmental parameters were quantitatively investigated from 1994

Present and Future Challenges of Coastal Erosion in Latin America

ABSTRACT Silva, R.; Martínez, M.L.; Hesp, P.; Catalan, P.; Osorio, A. F.; Martell, R.; Fossati, M.; Miot da Silva, G.; Mariño-Tapia, I.; Pereira, P.; Cienfuegos, R.; Klein, A., and Govaere, G., 2014.

Erosion problems in Alexandroupolis coastline, North-Eastern Greece

This paper deals with the coastal erosion processes and the related problems around the city of Alexandroupolis, NE Aegean Sea, N. Greece. The area is very fast developing, as the city is an

Human Impact on Coastal Erosion in Taiwan

Abstract Coastal erosion is an islandwide problem in Taiwan. On the basis of the result of the most recent survey, more than 80% of the island's sandy coasts have undergone erosion over the past 3

Evolución y erosión comparada de tres sistemas playa/flecha en las rías de Ortigueira, O Barqueiro y Viveiro (Galicia, España)

In the general context of sea level rise and coastal erosion, three beach/spit systems are studied in North Galicia (North-west coast of Spain), corresponding to the mouth complex of estuaries