Influence of Induced Plantar Hypothermia on the Achilles Tendon Stretch Reflex

  title={Influence of Induced Plantar Hypothermia on the Achilles Tendon Stretch Reflex},
  author={Andresa M. C. Germano and Tobias He\ss and Daniel P. Schmidt and G{\"u}nther Schlee and Thomas L. Milani},
Previous studies indicate that plantar cutaneous afferents participate in modulation of muscle reflexes; however, the mechanisms remain unclear. Thus, the aim of this study was to investigate the influence of hypothermically reduced plantar foot sensation on the Achilles tendon reflex. Short latency responses of three muscles were analyzed under three temperatures: Stage I (25°C), Stage II (12°C), Stage IIIa (0°C) and Stage IIIb (0°C). Hypothermia was induced by a self-built thermal-plate and… CONTINUE READING
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