Influence of Cover Crops on Populations of Soil Nematodes

  title={Influence of Cover Crops on Populations of Soil Nematodes},
  author={Qin-ying Wang and Yuncong Li and Zafar A. Handoo and Waldemar Klassen},
Wang, Q., Y. Li, Z. Handoo, and W. Klassen. 2007. Influence of cover crops on populations of soil nematodes. Nematropica 37:79-92. A pot experiment was carried out in south Florida to elucidate suppressive or antagonistic effects of several cover crops grown in rotation on soil nematode populations. The crops were two marigolds, Tagetes patula L. ‘Dwarf Double French Mix’ (MDF), and Tagetes patula L. ‘Lemon Drop’ (MLD), Indian mustard (IM) [ Brassica juncea (L.) Czern.], radish (RD) [ Raphanus… CONTINUE READING


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