Influence of Colored Light-emitting Diode Illumination on the Growth Performance and Meat Quality Traits of Pekin Ducks ( Anas 1 Platyrhynchos )


KIM, M. J., R. PARVIN, M. M. H. MUSHTAQ, J. H. KIM, D. W. KIM, H. K. KANG, J. C. NA, J. HWANGBO, C. D. KIM, K. O. CHO, C. B. YANG and H. C. CHOI, 2014. Influence of colored light-emitting diode illumination on the growth performance and meat quality traits of Pekin ducks (Anas 1platyrhynchos). Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 20: 943-948 The present experiment has… (More)

5 Figures and Tables


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