Influence of “loop” diuretics upon Na+K+-ATPase and adenylate cyclase of the stria vascularis

  title={Influence of “loop” diuretics upon Na+K+-ATPase and adenylate cyclase of the stria vascularis},
  author={S H Paloheimo and Ruediger Thalmann},
  journal={Archives of oto-rhino-laryngology},
We have previously found that the inhibition of strial Na+K+-ATPase by ethacrynic acid occurs at much higher concentrations (I50=5×10−3 M) than the inhibition of the endolymphatic potential (I50=1×10−5 M), which in itself is evidence against the concept that Na+K+-ATPase is a target of ethacrynic acid action in the stria vascularis. In order to check whether the stria vascularis accumulates the drug selectively (as is the case in tissue slices of kidney) we perfused the perilymphatic space with… CONTINUE READING


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