Influence du lieu d'hospitalisation sur le devenir à court terme des prématurés nés à 34 semaines d'aménorrhée

  title={Influence du lieu d'hospitalisation sur le devenir {\`a} court terme des pr{\'e}matur{\'e}s n{\'e}s {\`a} 34 semaines d'am{\'e}norrh{\'e}e},
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Étude de cohorte rétrospective de l’association entre le clampage tardif du cordon et l’ictère néonatal chez le nouveau-né à terme
Le clampage tardif augmente les parametres biologiques responsables de l’ictere a J1, mais sans consequences nefastes pour les nouveau-nes, d’apres notre etude.
Parents as the Primary Caregivers for Their Infant in the NICU: Benefits and Challenges
The development and theory of the care-by-parent model is reviewed, including examples of successful programs, the benefits and challenges of the model are discussed, and the future of care in the NICU is looked to.
Cost-effectiveness of the management of rh-negative pregnant women.
The evolution of family‐centered care: From supporting parent‐delivered interventions to a model of family integrated care
A taxonomy for classifying parent‐focused NICU interventions and parent‐partnered care models to aid researchers, clinical teams, and health systems to evaluate existing and future approaches to care is proposed.
Parents as primary caregivers in the neonatal intensive care unit
The neonatal intensive care unit is highly stressful for parents, who are physically separated from their infants. They often feel unable to participate meaningfully in their infant’s care and feel


Rey-Martinez Kangaroo Mother Program: an alternative way of caring for low birth weight infants? One year mortality in a two cohort study.
In spite of major baseline differences between studied cohorts, the survival of LBW infants in Bogotá is similar between the KMI and the "traditional care", and questions remain about quality of life, especially regarding weight gain and neurodevelopment.
Changes in the gestational age distribution among U.S. singleton births: impact on rates of late preterm birth, 1992 to 2002.
The changing epidemiology of gestational length among singleton births in the United States, from 1992 to 2002, is examined, with 39 weeks becoming the most common length of gestation in 2002, compared with 40 weeks in 1992.
Antenatal betamethasone and incidence of neonatal respiratory distress after elective caesarean section: pragmatic randomised trial.
Antenatal betamethasone and delaying delivery until 39 weeks both reduce admissions to special care baby units with respiratory distress after elective caesarean section at term.
‘Kangaroo mother care’ to prevent neonatal deaths due to preterm birth complications
This is the first published meta-analysis showing that KMC substantially reduces neonatal mortality amongst preterm babies (birth weight <2000 g) in hospital, and is highly effective in reducing severe morbidity, particularly from infection.
Separation distress call in the human neonate in the absence of maternal body contact
The results suggest that in human newborns this cry is not dependent on earlier social experience and may be a genetically encoded reaction to separation, compatible with the opinion that the most appropriate position of the healthy full–term newborn baby after birth is in close body contact with the mother.
A randomized, controlled trial of kangaroo mother care: results of follow-up at 1 year of corrected age.
These results support earlier findings of the beneficial effects of KMC on mortality and growth and use of this technique would humanize the practice of neonatology, promote breastfeeding, and shorten the neonatal hospital stay without compromising survival, growth, or development.