Influência dos corticosteroides inalatórios nas pressões respiratórias máximas de crianças escolares asmáticas

  title={Influ{\^e}ncia dos corticosteroides inalat{\'o}rios nas press{\~o}es respirat{\'o}rias m{\'a}ximas de crianças escolares asm{\'a}ticas},
  author={Tib{\'e}rio Andrade and Larissa Andrade de S{\'a} Feitosa and Larissa de Andrade Carvalho and Patr{\'i}cia {\'e}rika de Melo Marinho and Arm{\'e}le Dornelas de Andrade},
INTRODUCTION: The inhaled corticosteroid (IC) is the mean therapy used for the preventive and maintenance treatment of asthma. Overdose or prolonged use of IC can cause some collateral effects as remission in bone growth, adrenal suppression and myopathy. OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the influence of inhaled corticosteroids in the inspiratory and expiratory strength in asthmatic school children. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A cross-sectional, observational study, that included 60 children between 6 to 12… CONTINUE READING