Influência do alongamento passivo em três repetições de 30 segundos a cada 48 horas em músculo sóleo imobilizado de ratos

  title={Influ{\^e}ncia do alongamento passivo em tr{\^e}s repetiç{\~o}es de 30 segundos a cada 48 horas em m{\'u}sculo s{\'o}leo imobilizado de ratos},
  author={T. Menon and Luana Muriel Casarolli and N{\'u}bia Broetto Cunha and Leandro Teixeira de Souza and Paulo Henrique Marques Andrade and C. Albuquerque and Gladson Ricardo Flor Bertolini},
  journal={Revista Brasileira De Medicina Do Esporte},
The skeletal muscle has the property to adapt to different stimuli, alternating the number of sarcomeres in series, according to the length to which it is submitted to. This investigation has the aim to compare weight and length adaptations of the soleus muscle in rats, besides the total estimate of the sarcomeres in series, when submitted to intermittent stretching during immobilization in plantarflexion. Twenty-four 14 ± 2 weeks old Wistar male rats were used. They were divided in 4 groups… Expand
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