Influência da mobilização precoce na força muscular periférica e respiratória em pacientes críticos

  title={Influ{\^e}ncia da mobilizaç{\~a}o precoce na força muscular perif{\'e}rica e respirat{\'o}ria em pacientes cr{\'i}ticos},
  author={Camila Moura Dantas and Priscila Figueiredo dos Santos Silva and Fabio Henrique Tavares de Siqueira and Rodrigo Marinho Falc{\~a}o Pinto and Simone Matias and Caroline Maciel and Marcia Correa de Oliveira and Cl{\'a}udio Gonçalves de Albuquerque and Fl{\'a}vio Maciel Dias Andrade and Francimar Ferrari Ramos and Eduardo {\'E}riko Ten{\'o}rio de França},
OBJECTIVE:To evaluate the effects of an early mobilization protocol on respiratory and peripheral muscles in critically ill patients. METHODS: A randomized controlled clinical trial was conducted with 59 male and female patients on mechanical ventilation. The patients were divided into a conventional physical therapy group (control group, n=14) that received the sector's standard physical therapy program and an early mobilization group (n=14) that received a systematic early mobilization… CONTINUE READING

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