Infliximab for the Treatment of Chronic Anemia in Crohn's Disease

  title={Infliximab for the Treatment of Chronic Anemia in Crohn's Disease},
  author={E Dom{\`e}nech and Mriam Ma{\~n}osa and Helena Masnou and Merc Navarro and Esther Garc{\'i}a-Planella and Isabel Bernal and Miquel Angel Gassull},
  journal={The American Journal of Gastroenterology},
TO THE EDITOR: Up to one-third of IBD patients suffer from anemia, which, although it may be asymptomatic, is often associated with a decreased quality of life (1). IBDrelated anemia is a combination of iron deficiency and the anemia of chronic diseases. Iron deficiency results from intestinal blood loss, but occasionally, from iron malabsorption or dietary… CONTINUE READING