Inflation and string cosmology

  title={Inflation and string cosmology},
  author={Andrei Linde},
  journal={Fortschritte der Physik},
  • Andrei Linde
  • Published 20 July 2001
  • Physics
  • Fortschritte der Physik
I give a brief review of inflationary theory and of its recent progress related to string cosmology. 

Inflation and String Theory

We review cosmological inflation and its realization in quantum field theory and in string theory. This material is a portion of a book, also entitled "Inflation and String Theory", to be published

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We study the effect of rolling of N D3-branes in the vicinity of NS5-branes. We find out that this system coupled with the four dimensional gravity gives the slow roll assisted inflation of the

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We critically assess the twin prospects of describing the observed universe in string theory, and using cosmological experiments to probe string theory. For the purposes of this short review, we

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These lectures present a brief review of inflationary cosmol ogy, provide an overview of the theory of cosmological perturbations, and then focus on the conceptual problems of the current paradigm of

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In spite of its great phenomenological success, current models of scalar field-driven inflation suffer from important unresolved conceptual issues. New fundamental physics will be required to address

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Regarding the current status of the superstring theory, despite its fully developed contents of all interactions in nature, it is no doubt that unfortunately it lacks a well established early



Towards inflation in string theory

I will discuss the development of inflationary theory and its present status, including recent progress in describing de Sitter space and inflationary universe in string theory.

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A new version of the inflationary universe scenario is suggested which provides a possible solution of the cosmological singularity problem

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We motivate and present a locally supersymmetric theory that satisfies all the constraints for a successful, new inflationary-universe scenario, and has a naturally light gravitino. The reheating

Extended inflationary cosmology.

A new type of inflationary scenario based on metric formulations of gravity different from that of Einstein, e.g., Brans-Dicke theory of gravity is presented, which can be completed via bubble nucleation and fine tuning of an effective potential to obtain a slow-rollover transition.