Inflammatory pseudotumor of kidney masquerading as renal carcinoma.

  title={Inflammatory pseudotumor of kidney masquerading as renal carcinoma.},
  author={P. Narendra Babu and M K Kalpana Kumari and H K Nagaraj and Vijaya Viswanath Mysorekar},
  journal={Journal of cancer research and therapeutics},
  volume={11 3},
Inflammatory pseudotumor also known as inflammatory fibroblastic tumor is a rare benign tumor, which commonly affects the lung. It is very rarely seen in the genitourinary tract. As the preoperative diagnosis, clinically and radiologically is inconclusive, it is imperative to surgically remove and confirm it on histopathologic examination. We report a case of inflammatory pseudotumor in a 51-year-old male who presented with flank pain and was treated with nephrectomy. 

Kidney inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor masquerading as metastatic malignancy: A case report and literature review

Since kidney IMT is very rare and lacks characteristic clinical manifestation, it is easily misdiagnosed as a malignant tumor before operation, and such cases must be followed carefully because of the uncertain biological behavior of this tumor.

Imaging of Unusual Renal Tumors

Renal masses are a wide entity and a common finding in clinical practice, yet mortality rates have slightly decreased, and awareness of these unusual entities is vital for professionals working at a complex medical facility with greater volume of patients.

Laparoscopic Management of an Inflammatory Pseudotumor Mimicking a Locally Advanced Renal Carcinoma: A Diagnostic Pitfall

The case of 60 years old man with a history of flank pain, initially diagnosed with a locally advanced left renal carcinoma invading the left colon, is reported, with the histopathological diagnosis of inflammatory pseudotumor of the left kidney made.

A Case of Renal Inflammatory Pseudotumor Leading to Nephrectomy

The importance of preoperative definitive diagnosis oflammatory pseudotumor of the kidney in a 13-year-old girl treated with nephrectomy is emphasized in avoiding unnecessary neph rectomy.

A Review on Inflammatory Myofibroblastic Tumour of the Kidney and Renal Pelvis : An Update

It is not clear whether or not there are certain pathological features of IMTKs/IMTRPs which could predict possible aggressive biological behaviour, but at times conservative management may result in resolution of the lesion.