Inflammatory neuroprithy in homosexual men with lymphadenopathy

  title={Inflammatory neuroprithy in homosexual men with lymphadenopathy},
  author={W. Ian Lipkin and Gareth J. G. Parry and Dobri D. Kiprov and Daniel Abrams},
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Twelve homosexual men had peripheral neuropathy with fever, night sweats, and lymphadenopathy. Sensory symptoms predominated, but there was also weakness and cranial nerve dysfunction. Manifestations were multifocal in nine and distal and symmetric in three. CSF was abnormal in all eight patients examined. Sural nerve in five patients showed axonal degeneration, accompanied in two by segmental demyelination. Four patients had epineurial and endoneurial perivascular chronic inflammatory cells… 
Gracile tract degeneration in patients with sensory neuropathy and AIDS
At autopsy, four homosexual men with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) were found to have selective degeneration of the gracile tract, a finding previously unreported in AIDS. Clinically,
Painful vasculitic neuropathy in HIV-1 infection
It is reported that two patients who had subacute painful neuropathy in the B2 stage of HIV-1 infection showed a necrotizing vasculitis, and treatment with corticosteroids resulted in rapid relief of pain, followed by arrest of the neuropathic process.
The spectrum of polyneuropathies in patients infected with HIV.
Cerebrospinal fluid findings were available in 17 cases, electrophysiology studies were consistent with an axonopathy and nerve biopsies in six cases showed axonal changes but surprisingly associated with marked segmental demyelination in two cases.
The spectrum of peripheral neuropathy associated with ARC and AIDS
Four patients with clinical, electrophysiologic, and histologic evidence of CIDP and severe progressive weakness improved with plasma exchange, three regaining normal function.
Extensive T8-positive lymphocytic visceral infiltration in a homosexual man.
Sensory motor neuropathy associated with AIDS
The findings indicate that in some patients with AIDS, neuropathy may be the direct result of a viral insult, although the causes are likely multifactorial.
Bell's palsy and HIV infection.
Unilateral infranuclear facial palsy developed in three young homosexual men. All three were positive for antibodies to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Two had persistent generalised
Peripheral neuropathy in HIV disease.
Nerve disorders common to HIV include distal symmetric polyneuropathy (DSP), inflammatory demyelinating polyne Neuropathy (IDP), mononeuritis multiplex (MM), progressive polyradiculopathy (PP), and autonomic neuropathy (AN).
Inflammatory lesions of peripheral nerve in a patient with human T‐lymphotropic virus type I‐associated myelopathy
Electrophysiological study detected a mixed, axonal and demyelinating, multifocal neuropathy in a patient with tropical spastic paraparesis associated with a positive titer for human T‐lymphotropic virus type I.
The peripheral neuropathy of necrotizing arteritis: A clinicopathological study
The combination of nerve and muscle sampling increases the chance of visualizing characteristic arterial lesions in vasculitic neuropathy.


Persistent diffuse lymphadenopathy in homosexual men: endpoint or prodrome?
The lymphadenopathy syndrome may be an alternative phenotypic response to the "acquired immunodeficiency syndrome agent," and most patients had constitutional symptoms and recurrent non-life-threatening infections.
Generalized lymphadenopathy in homosexual men.
It is suggested that generalized lymphadenopathy is part of the spectrum of a disorder manifested by acquired immunodeficiency, opportunistic infections, Kaposi's sarcoma, and malignant lymphomas.
Persistent, generalized lymphadenopathy among homosexual males.
A record review of 57 homosexual men from Atlanta New York and San Francisco with persistent generalized lymphadenopathy found that use of nitrate inhalants marijuana hallucinogens and cocaine was common and may of these patients have a history of sexually transmitted diseases.
Neurologic complications of the acquired immune deficiency syndrome.
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The human T-cell lymphotropic virus type III (HTLV-III), a replication-complete virus, is now reported as the etiologic agent of AIDS.
Pathology of peripheral nerve.
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Inflammatory polyradiculoneuropathies
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