Inflammatory mediators and endometrial function--focus on the perivascular cell.

  title={Inflammatory mediators and endometrial function--focus on the perivascular cell.},
  author={Rodney W. Kelly and Anne E King and Hilary O D Critchley},
  journal={Journal of reproductive immunology},
  volume={57 1-2},
Human endometrium has a unique vascular architecture that allows menstruation, the shedding of a well-vascularised tissue layer, with limited bleeding. Blood loss is controlled at least in part by constriction of the perivascular cells, myofibroblasts that surround the spiral arterioles and have contractile activity. These perivascular cells, which are coupled to endothelial cells by processes, are responsive to changes in progesterone levels and express chemokines, cytokines and prostaglandins… CONTINUE READING
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