[Inflammatory carcinoma of the breast: the immunological findings].


The authors discuss a case of inflammatory breast cancer, treated by interdisciplinary therapy (surgical, radiating immuno and chemo therapy). The immune status was evaluated by the determination of the lymphocytes population, monocytes and granulocytes. This evaluation was made before and after immunotherapy (i.e. subcutaneous administration of IL 2). IL 2 receptors were evaluated too. A daily dose of recombinant IL 2 (18 millions U.I.) was administered for six consecutive days. The follow-up studies showed a clear increase of total T lymphocytes, a normalization of T helper/inducers ratio, an improvement of T cytotoxic/suppressors ratio, an increased level of IL 2 receptors. The induction of mRNA for CM-CMF, G-CFS, IL 3, IL 5, IL 6, was also demonstrated, as well as a plasmatic increase of all the growth factors. A rise in neutrophils and eosinophils was documented. These results allowed the continuation of therapeutic approach with the complex radiation-chemotherapy program.

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