Inflammatory and immunomodulatory roles of TGF-beta.

  title={Inflammatory and immunomodulatory roles of TGF-beta.},
  author={Sharon M. Wahl and Nancy L. McCartney-Francis and Stephan E. Mergenhagen},
  journal={Immunology today},
  volume={10 8},
Transforming growth factors (TGFs) are small polypeptides that were initially defined by their ability to induce transformation of non-neoplastic cells in culture. However, it has become increasingly clear that TGFs are not restricted in function to promoting cell growth. One type of transforming growth factor, TGF-beta, is a multifunctional molecule which has unique and potent effects on many target cells and tissues. In this article, Sharon Wahl, Nancy McCartney-Francis and Stephan… CONTINUE READING

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