Inflammatory and immunological aspects of dental pulp repair.

  title={Inflammatory and immunological aspects of dental pulp repair.},
  author={Michel Goldberg and J. P. Farges and Sally Lacerda-Pinheiro and Ngampis Six and Nad{\`e}ge Jegat and Frank Decup and Dominique Septier and Florence Carrouel and St{\'e}phanie H. Durand and Catherine Chaussain-Miller and Pamela K Denbesten and Arthur Veis and Anne Poliard},
  journal={Pharmacological research},
  volume={58 2},
The repair of dental pulp by direct capping with calcium hydroxide or by implantation of bioactive extracellular matrix (ECM) molecules implies a cascade of four steps: a moderate inflammation, the commitment of adult reserve stem cells, their proliferation and terminal differentiation. The link between the initial inflammation and cell commitment is not yet well established but appears as a potential key factor in the reparative process. Either the release of cytokines due to inflammatory… CONTINUE READING
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