Inflammatory/haematopoietic cytokine production by human bone marrow adipocytes.

  title={Inflammatory/haematopoietic cytokine production by human bone marrow adipocytes.},
  author={Patrick Laharrague and A M Fontanilles and Jean Tkaczuk and Jo{\"e}l X Corberand and Luc P{\'e}nicaud and Louis Casteilla},
  journal={European cytokine network},
  volume={11 4},
Adipocytes are now considered as secretory and endocrine cells. White and brown adipocytes synthesize and secrete a variety of cytokines, among a number of peptide and non-peptide products. Some of these cytokines, particularly IL-6 and TNF-alpha, appear multifunctional since they may be involved in the control of adipose mass, inflammatory response and haematopoiesis. Bone marrow adipocytes are another abundant type of adipocytes, but their precise role in humans is poorly understood. In the… CONTINUE READING