Inflammation in atherosclerosis: from pathophysiology to practice.

  title={Inflammation in atherosclerosis: from pathophysiology to practice.},
  author={Peter Libby and Paul M. Ridker and G{\"o}ran K. Hansson},
  journal={Journal of the American College of Cardiology},
  volume={54 23},
Until recently, most envisaged atherosclerosis as a bland arterial collection of cholesterol, complicated by smooth muscle cell accumulation. According to that concept, endothelial denuding injury led to platelet aggregation and release of platelet factors which would trigger the proliferation of smooth muscle cells in the arterial intima. These cells would then elaborate an extracellular matrix that would entrap lipoproteins, forming the nidus of the atherosclerotic plaque. Beyond the vascular… CONTINUE READING
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