Infinity Properads and Infinity Wheeled Properads

  title={Infinity Properads and Infinity Wheeled Properads},
  author={Philip Hackney and Marcy Robertson and Donald Yau},
Introduction.- Graphs.- Properads.- Symmetric Monoidal Closed Structure on Properads.- Graphical Properads.- Properadic Graphical Category.- Properadic Graphical Sets and Infinity Properads.- Fundamental Properads of Infinity Properads.- Wheeled Properads and Graphical Wheeled Properads.- Infinity Wheeled Properads.- What's Next?. 
Labelled cospan categories and properads
We prove Steinebrunner’s conjecture on the biequivalence between (colored) properads and labelled cospan categories. The main part of the work is to establish a 1-categorical, strict version of the
On factorizations of graphical maps
We study the categories governing infinity (wheeled) properads. The graphical category, which was already known to be generalized Reedy, is in fact an Eilenberg-Zilber category. A minor alteration to
Graphs, hypergraphs, and properads
A categorical formalism for directed graphs is introduced, featuring natural notions of morphisms and subgraphs, and leading to two elementary descriptions of the free-properad monad, first in terms
A simplicial model for infinity properads
We show how the model structure on the category of simplicially-enriched (colored) props induces a model structure on the category of simplicially-enriched (colored) properads. A similar result holds
On rectification and enrichment of infinity properads
We develop a theory of infinity properads enriched in a general symmetric monoidal infinity category. These are defined as presheaves, satisfying a Segal condition and a Rezk completeness condition,
Properads and homological differential operators related to surfaces
. We give a biased definition of a properad and an explicit example of a closed Frobenius properad. We recall the construction of the cobar complex and algebra over it. We give an equivalent
Duality for multimodules
Categories of graphs for operadic structures
We recall several categories of graphs which are useful for describing homotopy-coherent versions of generalized operads (e.g. cyclic operads, modular operads, properads, and so on), and give new,
Cospan construction of the graph category of Borisov and Manin
It is shown how the graph category of Borisov and Manin can be constructed from (a variant of) the graph category of Joyal and Kock, essentially by reversingthe generic morphisms. More precisely, the


The geometry of iterated loop spaces
Operads and -spaces.- Operads and monads.- A? and E? operads.- The little cubes operads .- Iterated loop spaces and the .- The approximation theorem.- Cofibrations and quasi-fibrations.- The smash
Dendroidal Segal spaces and infinity-operads
We introduce the dendroidal analogs of the notions of complete Segal space and of Segal category, and construct two appropriate model categories for which each of these notions corresponds to the
Dendroidal Segal spaces and ∞‐operads
We introduce the dendroidal analogues of the notions of complete Segal space and of Segal category, and construct two appropriate model categories for which each of these notions corresponds to the
A Foundation for Props, Algebras, and Modules
Wheeled graphs and pasting schemes: Wheeled graphs Special sets of graphs Basic operations on wheeled graphs Graph groupoids Graph substitution Properties of graph substitution Generators for graphs
Algebraic K-Theory of infinity-Operads
The theory of dendroidal sets has been developed to serve as a combinatorial model for homotopy coherent operads by Moerdijk and Weiss. An infinity-operad is a dendroidal set D satisfying certain
On homotopy invariance for algebras over colored PROPs
Over a monoidal model category, under some mild assumptions, we equip the categories of colored PROPs and their algebras with projective model category structures. A Boardman-Vogt style homotopy
Dendroidal sets as models for homotopy operads
The homotopy theory of ∞‐operads is defined by extending Joyal's homotopy theory of ∞‐categories to the category of dendroidal sets. We prove that the category of dendroidal sets is endowed with a