Infinitesimal cohomology and the Chern character to negative cyclic homology

  title={Infinitesimal cohomology and the Chern character to negative cyclic homology},
  author={G. Corti{\~n}as and Christian Haesemeyer and Charles A. Weibel},
  journal={Mathematische Annalen},
There is a Chern character from K-theory to negative cyclic homology. We show that it preserves the decomposition coming from Adams operations, at least in characteristic zero. 

Higher algebraic K-theory and tangent spaces to Chow groups

This is a reproduction of my thesis. By using higher K-theory(Chern character, cyclic homology, effacement theorem and etc), we provide an answer to a question by Green- Griffiths which says the

Relative Chern Characters for Nilpotent Ideals

When A is a unital ring, the absolute Chern character is a group homomorphism Ch* : K*(A) ? HN*(A), going from algebraic K-theory to negative cyclic homology. There is also a relative version,


  • M. Morrow
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    Journal of the Institute of Mathematics of Jussieu
  • 2014
In this paper, we prove that cyclic homology, topological cyclic homology, and algebraic $K$-theory satisfy a pro Mayer–Vietoris property with respect to abstract blow-up squares of varieties, in

Pro excision and h-descent for K-theory

In this paper it is proved that K-theory (and Hochschild and cyclic homology) satisfies pro versions of both excision for ideals (of commutative Noetherian rings) and descent in the h-topology in

Bloch-Ogus theorem,cyclic homology and deformation of Chow groups

. Using Bloch-Ogus theorem and Chern character from K-theory to cyclic homology, we answer a question of Green and Griffiths on extending Bloch formula. Moreover, we construct a map from local Hilbert

The $K$-theory of toric varieties

Recent advances in computational techniques for K-theory allow us to describe the K-theory of toric varieties in terms of the K-theory of fields and simple cohomological data.

Chern character, semi-regularity map and obstructions

Using Chern character, we construct a natural transformation from the local Hilbert functor to a functor of Artin rings defined from Hochschild homology, which enables us to reconstruct the

K-theory, local cohomology and tangent spaces to Hilbert schemes

  • Sen Yang
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    Annals of K-Theory
  • 2018
By using K-theory, we construct a map from the tangent space to the Hilbert scheme at a point Y to the local cohomology group. And we use this map to answer affirmatively(after slight modification) a

The tangent complex of K-theory

We prove that the tangent complex of K-theory, in terms of (abelian) deformation problems over a characteristic 0 field k, is cyclic homology (over k). This equivalence is compatible with the

Infinitesimal Theory of Chow Groups via K-theory, Cyclic Homology and the Relative Chern Character

We examine the tangent groups at the identity, and more generally the formal completions at the identity, of the Chow groups of algebraic cycles on a nonsingular quasiprojective algebraic variety



Homology and K-Theory of Commutative Algebras: Characterization of Complete Intersections

Abstract In this paper, we study Hochschild homology, cyclic homology and K-theory of commutative algebras of finite type over a characteristic zero field. We prove that local complete intersections

Relative Chern Characters for Nilpotent Ideals

When A is a unital ring, the absolute Chern character is a group homomorphism Ch* : K*(A) ? HN*(A), going from algebraic K-theory to negative cyclic homology. There is also a relative version,

Cyclic homology, cdh-cohomology and negative K-theory

We prove a blow-up formula for cyclic homology which we use to show that infinitesimal K-theory satisfies cdh-descent. Combining that result with some computations of the cdh-cohomology of the sheaf

Cohomology of Groups

This advanced textbook introduces students to cohomology theory. No knowledge of homological algebra is assumed beyond what is normally taught in a first course in algebraic topology.

Homology of the special linear group and K-theory

On presente plusieurs resultats reliant l'homologie du groupe special lineaire et la K-theorie pour une certaine classe d'anneaux.

Adams Operations and the Dennis Trace Map

Euclidean scissor congruence groups and mixed Tate motives over dual numbers

We define Euclidean scissor congruence groups for an arbitrary algebraically closed field F and propose their conjectural description. We suggest how they should be related to mixed Tate motives over

Volumes of hyperbolic manifolds and mixed Tate motives

Two different constructions of an invariant of an odd dimensional hyperbolic manifold in the K-group $K_{2n-1}(\bar \Bbb Q)\otimes \Bbb Q$ are given. The volume of the manifold is equal to the value

Excision in algebraic $K$-theory

Introduction 1. Excision and the homology of affine groups 2. Volodin's spaces 3. Excision for rings with the Triple Factorization Property 4. Lie analogue of Volodin's construction 5. The homology