Infinitely Many Weak Solutions of the p-Laplacian Equation with Nonlinear Boundary Conditions


We study the following p-Laplacian equation with nonlinear boundary conditions: -Δ(p)u + μ(x)|u|(p-2)u = f(x,u) + g(x,u),x ∈ Ω, | ∇u|(p-2)∂u/∂n = η|u|(p-2)u and x ∈ ∂Ω, where Ω is a bounded domain in ℝ(N) with smooth boundary ∂Ω. We prove that the equation has infinitely many weak solutions by using the variant fountain theorem due to Zou (2001) and f, g do… (More)
DOI: 10.1155/2014/194310

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