Infinite dimensional affine processes

  title={Infinite dimensional affine processes},
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Infinite-dimensional polynomial processes

We introduce polynomial processes taking values in an arbitrary Banach space B ${B}$ via their infinitesimal generator L $L$ and the associated martingale problem. We obtain two representations of

Affine pure-jump processes on positive Hilbert–Schmidt operators

An infinite‐dimensional affine stochastic volatility model

We introduce a flexible and tractable infinite‐dimensional stochastic volatility model. More specifically, we consider a Hilbert space valued Ornstein–Uhlenbeck‐type process, whose instantaneous

Markov-modulated affine processes



Affine processes beyond stochastic continuity

In this paper we study time-inhomogeneous affine processes beyond the common assumption of stochastic continuity. In this setting times of jumps can be both inaccessible and predictable. To this end

Affine Diffusion Processes: Theory and Applications

We revisit affine diffusion processes on general and on the canonical state space in particular. A detailed study of theoretic and applied aspects of this class of Markov processes is given. In

Path Properties and Regularity of Affine Processes on General State Spaces

We provide a new proof for regularity of affine processes on general state spaces by methods from the theory of Markovian semimartingales. On the way to this result we also show that the definition

Affine Diffusions with Non-Canonical State Space

Multidimensional affine diffusions have been studied in detail for the case of a canonical state space. We present results for general state spaces and provide a complete characterization of all

Affine processes are regular

We show that stochastically continuous, time-homogeneous affine processes on the canonical state space $${\mathbb{R}_{\geq 0}^m \times \mathbb{R}^n}$$ are always regular. In the paper of Duffie et

Yamada-Watanabe theorem for stochastic evolution equations in infinite dimensions

The purpose of this note is to give a complete and detailed proof of the fundamental Yamada-Watanabe Theorem on infinite dimensional spaces, more precisely in the framework of the variational

Regularity of affine processes on general state spaces

We consider a stochastically continuous, affine Markov process in the sense of Duffie, Filipovic and Schachermayer, with cadlag paths, on a general state space D, i.e. an arbitrary Borel subset of

Independent increment processes: a multilinearity preserving property

ABSTRACT We observe a multilinearity preserving property of conditional expectation for infinite-dimensional independent increment processes defined on some abstract Banach space B. It is similar in

On pathwise uniqueness of stochastic evolution equations in Hilbert spaces