Infinite Graphs Generated by Tree Rewriting

  title={Infinite Graphs Generated by Tree Rewriting},
  author={Diplom-Informatiker and Aus Neum{\"u}nster and Schleswig-Holstein Berichter and Universit{\"a}tsprofessor and Thomas Wolfgang and Erich Universit{\"a}tsprofessor and Gr{\"a}del and Zusammenfassung Endliche},
  • Diplom-Informatiker, Aus Neumünster, +5 authors Zusammenfassung Endliche
  • Published 2002
Finite graphs and algorithms on finite graphs are an important tool for the verification of finite-state systems. To transfer the methods for finite systems, at least partially, to infinite systems a theory of infinite graphs with finite representations is needed. In this thesis the class of the transition graphs of ground tree rewriting systems is studied. To investigate the structure of ground tree rewriting graphs they are analyzed under the aspect of tree-width of graphs and are compared to… CONTINUE READING

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