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Infestation of Red Sea Cultured Plectropomus Areolatus Broodstock with Benedenia epinepheli (Yamaguti1937) Parasite in Saudi Arabia with Some Treatment Trails

  title={Infestation of Red Sea Cultured Plectropomus Areolatus Broodstock with Benedenia epinepheli (Yamaguti1937) Parasite in Saudi Arabia with Some Treatment Trails},
  author={H. A. Osman and H. M. A. El-Mohsen and A. EL-Refaey},
3 Abstract Grouper (Epinephelus spp.) is one of the most economically important cultured marine fish in Saudi Arabia . Over10 species of grouper fish have been cultured there. Grouper fish, Taradi, Plectropomus areolatus is gaining importance as a candidate species for marine and coastal aquaculture. Captive broodstock of grouper, Taradi (size range, 20-30 cm; body weight 0.5-2.5 Kg) collected from Red Sea coast, Jeddah demonstrated clinical infection with a monogenean parasite affect in 76… Expand

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