Inferences about a linear combination of proportions.

  title={Inferences about a linear combination of proportions.},
  author={Antonio Mart{\'i}n Andr{\'e}s and Marina {\'A}lvarez Hern{\'a}ndez and I Herranz Tejedor},
  journal={Statistical methods in medical research},
  volume={20 4},
Statistical methods for carrying out asymptotic inferences (tests or confidence intervals) relative to one or two independent binomial proportions are very frequent. However, inferences about a linear combination of K independent proportions L = Σβ(i)p(i) (in which the first two are special cases) have had very little attention paid to them (focused exclusively on the classic Wald method). In this article the authors approach the problem from the more efficient viewpoint of the score method… CONTINUE READING

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