Inference system using softcomputing and mixed data applied in metabolic pathway datamining

  title={Inference system using softcomputing and mixed data applied in metabolic pathway datamining},
  author={T. Arredondo and Diego Candel and Mauricio U. Leiva and L. Dombrovskaia and Loreine Agull{\'o} and M. Seeger},
  journal={International journal of data mining and bioinformatics},
  volume={6 1},
This paper describes the development of an inference system used for the identification of genes that encode enzymes of metabolic pathways. Input sequence alignment values are used to classify the best candidate genes for inclusion in a metabolic pathway map. The system workflow allows the user to provide feedback, which is stored in conjunction with analysed sequences for periodic retraining. The construction of the system involved the study of several different classifiers with various… Expand
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